We accompany you in the realization of your dream, that gives you the most important know-how that you can find.

We have a great experience on the implementation, management and operation of physical therapy centers thanks to years of experience.

Attending a new customer, maybe a businessman or young physical therapist is a privilege and an honor that deserves the utmost commitment and professionalism.

In the opening of a new center for physiotherapy preliminary analysis and feasibility study are relevant factors for the future success of the business.

Too often, a new physiotherapy center is opened without doing market surveys.Do not plan today is risky..

Our expert consultants in startup physiotherapy follow the customer in the evaluation space/ideas, to divide the room in response to the activities to be carried out, in the provision of electromedical and the organizational aspects related to the management of the business plan with the office choices. Prices and business model of a new physiotherapy center are the added value to the professionalism and training techniques. Regulations and authorizations are often an element of confusion that creates doubt and uncertainty.

We have matured experience from industry leaders in terms with the¬†opening of many physiotherapy centers of various sizes, with the formula of the clinic or professional studio. Marketing and communication of the health professions is part of our service to 360 degrees for the opening of a center of excellence!A physiotherapy center provides higher quality if one knows also how to communicate to potential customers in an extraordinary way, with online and offline marketing targeted actions.

Evaluation and Area and Ideas

How do you want to open your local physiotherapy center?

What kind of activities do you want to carry out rehabilitation?

Our experts will be joined with you to answer these questions. Wrong location, wrong divide spaces increases the risk of business. Your way of thinking will be enhanced by a local physiotherapy designed ad hoc.

The design of the spaces in relation to the regulations and the type of rehabilitation activities to be carried out is the first step to a successful business.



The high electro-technology are tools that optimize the technical skills of the physiotherapist.\r\nThe products fisiocomputer will enhance your professional skills, from assessment to treatment in acute and chronic ones.

The manual therapy and functional rehabilitation are the basis of the training course and using the right electromedical you can achieve extraordinary results!\r\nOur team of engineers and designers in collaboration with leading university research centers are always working to provide the best solutions for your profession.

Tecarterapia, hyperthermia, high power laser, rehabilitation, computerized cryo-ultrasound, vibration energy is the best technology for your physiotherapy center.



For you only the best courses.
A dynamic training in an immersive environment where technical and clinical aspects of our electro blend with the modern techniques of manual therapy and functional rehabilitation.
The therapeutic integration is the future of physiotherapy.
No more protocols, but only guidelines.
Monothematic courses for each technology, courses on the possible integration between the various electro-therapeutic and manual therapy.
A unique format where the biomedical engineering is combined with the most modern rehabilitation techniques.

More and more physical therapists each month participating in our courses and then stay in touch with our teachers, with unique “expert answers”, also by phone to resolve all the technical and practical problems that occur during the use of our products.


Marketing & Management

Just being good is not enough anymore!
Marketing in physiotherapy to effectively reach potential customers. Communication becomes an element crucial to give value to your professionalism.
Online and offline activities are targeted at high return an investment and not a cost. Slashing the business risks of a more prudent cost control.
The star up of a modern physiotherapy practice must have careful planning. Do not program is equivalent to program to fail.
Business model, patient flows, internal procedures are just a few relevant aspects in the preliminary analysis of an opening of a new study.
Our experts will follow with you all stages of the process, the business plan for the launch of your new physiotherapy center.
These issues create more and more attention and need for more targeted insights. That’s why we created the meetings dedicated to all our customers.