Fisiocomputer BFB4 - Biofeedback Elettomiografico a Due Canali - Schermata - Made to Last - Elettromedicali per Fisioterapia

BFB4 – Electromyographic Biofeedback

BFB4 – Double-channel Electromyographic Biofeedback   The BFB4 Fisiocomputer is a Double-channel Electromyographic Biofeedback, that is an Electromedical Device for Physical Therapy designed to detect and present in graphic form the surface potentials that are transmitted by the nerve fibers. All this in order to…

Fisiocomputer MOVESCAN - Propriocezione 3D e Test Rom - Schermata con Testa - Tastiera - Pedana - Sensori - Made to Last - Elettromedicali per Fisioterapia

MOVESCAN – 3D Proprioception and ROM Test

MOVESCAN – 3D PROPRIOCEPTION, ROM TEST AND REHABILITATION   The Fisiocomputer MOVESCAN is a three-dimensional rotational positional biofeedback with a rehabilitative function. In particular, the problem of evaluation errors was measured.   From a very detailed analysis of the available literature emerged in the world…



With Biofeedback (biological retroaction) we mean  the chain by which a person perceives and modify an action to  to make it conform to his will. The BFB2 is a machine that detects, measures and presents the potentials due to the currents transmitted to the nerve fibers. For this…



The “E.L.F. Magnetic” J&S is modular in the following specific configurations for different therapeutic needs. The control console, called: “fisiocomputer MG2 magnetotherapy” which should be used in each case, and by itself can directly drive up to two applicators local and/or a booster pilot cylinder…

Fisiocomputer ET2 - Elettroterapia - Made to Last - Elettromedicali per Fisioterapia


The “fisiocomputer ET2 ELECTROTHERAPY” is one of the most advanced electrotherapy devices and more practical in the market today, it has TWO INDEPENDENT CHANNELS that can deliver at the same time two different types of power among those whose ET2 features.   The ET2 also…



The “fisiocomputer US1 ULTRASOUND” is an apparatus for the treatment of the patient by means of the combined effect (mechanical, thermal, cavitational) of waves of vibration frequency ultra-acoustic (ultrasonic), exactly (in the case dell”US1) at the nominal frequency 1 MHz (one million vibrations per second)….

LTS-60 Power Scanning Laser

LTS-60 Power Scanning Laser

The Fisiocomputer LTS-60 – Power Scanning Laser is an apparatus for the treatment of the patient by means of a LASER beam, exclusively therapeutic purposes .   It should be noted that the laser beam (“Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”, meaning ” Light…

Electromedical Devices for Physiotherapy

TK1 – Tecartherapy

Imagine a Tecartherapy that can be transformed to suit your needs, which may vary frequencies and waveforms, and from time to time be a different product, with extraordinary systems for the safety of the patient and the operator. Check in real time the transfer of…

UNIK4 - Multifunctional Device

UNIK4 – Multifunctional Device

UNIK-4 MULTIFUNCTION is designed for those who wish to own an entire physiotherapy center in one unit designed and engineered to treat and solve all those diseases that currently require the use of varied and expensive machinery. Destined to become the new multipurpose support, which…

Fisiocomputer USF1 - Crioultrasuono - Display Touch Screen - Made to Last - Elettromedicali per Fisioterapia

USF1 – Cryosonic

USF1 – Cryosonic What is Cryoultrasoundtherapy? The therapy with USF1 cold ultrasound (also called crioultrasoundtherapy), is a new therapy, of great effectiveness for the treatment of inflammation and pain. Anti-inflammatory action of ultrasound, in fact, is associated with the analgesic, anti-edema and analgesic cryotherapy (cold…