The history of J&S starts with the Italian Airforce. The brand was founded in 1990 when the company was in charge of technical support for some devices spirometry who used to “Flight Test Center (CSV)”.




Around 1992, considering the optimal technical evaluation that the J&S had matured at the CSV he was commissioned to create the “Tilt Table”, apparatus required for the testing of the drivers cardiovascular and vestibular system in terms of acceleration “G” (which causes increase in pressure in relation to body mass).




The Tilt Table was delivered and became operational at”Aeronautic and Aerospace Medicine Research and Study Air Division (DASRS)” in Pratica di Mare (Pomezia, Rome). (Eng. project leader Oscar Adriani).


The J&S Continuous his relationship assistance with the Air Force for various devices, and was commissioned a complete overhaul and redesign of some components of a Lower Body Positive/Negative Pressure System (apparatus for experiencing situations on the cardiovascular system in different simulations of hemodynamics compared to positive and negative accelerations G).

The Lower Body Positive/Negative Pressure System became operational again and then working perfectly, thanks to a complete redesign of the hardware and software of the J&S (Eng. project leader Oscar Adriani) and was delivered to Aeronautic and Aerospace Medicine Research and Study Air Division (DASRS) in Pratica di Mare (Pomezia, Rome).

The J & S is commissioned the construction of an apparatus for the study and experimentation on the treatment of motion sickness (neurological disorder that some feel as a result of shifts or irregular rhythm of the body).

Thus was born the “Vertical Acceleration Programmable Chair” that produces the subject under different intensity of acceleration at low frequency responses on the proprioceptive and vestibular system.


The Vertical Acceleration Programmable Chair is delivered at the Air Force Flight Test Center (CSV) in Pratica di Mare (Pomezia, Rome). Developed together with references to the same CSV Col. Lucertini and Lugli, the Italian rehabilitators systems disorder of the flight. (Eng. project leader Oscar Adriani).


The Italian Air Force makes a tender for the purchase , to a Ejection seat trainer, with the only 3 companies in the world capable of achieving a similar machine: ETC (American); AMST (Austrian); J&S (Italian).
J&S wins thanks to a revolutionary new system of calculation of pressure sensors which move the concept of training on body memory in critical situations of physical and mental stress.

It was awarded the Ejection Seat Trainer to CSV, totally designed, engineered and built by J&S (Eng. project leader Oscar Adriani).

This latter as a result of the success achieved in the field of Aerospace J&S is contacted by ETC , the industry leader with offices around the world, for the study of a partnership. After the first contact with Mr. Allan Firth, Head of Aviation Union, is directly in Rome, the president (CEO) of the ETC, Bill Mitchell, who, after a stay in Rome, visited the company is having viewed all equipment J&S present in Practice sea, the innovation and recognizes the validity Delling . Oscar Adriani and then the J&S itself.


At the same time, the J&S plan to develop another system so far exclusively of large aerospace company in the world: human centifuge (apparatus to carry out the physical stress of the pilots also to acceleration of 11G). The great revolution that the J&S wants to bring in the business and to make a human centrifuge magnetic levitation.


This in addition to being a machine of technological innovation and futuristic even an apparatus that would consume much less energy than the centrifuges currently in use in the centers of world aeronautical safety standards and would allow much higher than those still in force .


In addition, this juicer human electromagnetic, being the first in the world built with this technology, it would be the showpiece of aerospace medicine italian in the world.


 J&S designs, engineers and manufactures the CFG15H – Traditional Centrifuge.


Apparatus and a centrifuge to test componenenti avionics that will be subjected to the stress of acceleration during real flights. This produces centrifugal accelerations from 0 to 15 G, and it was delivered and is currently in use at the request of the 2nd Division of the logistical command of the aeronautics the 6th Military Helicopters Maintenance Department. (Eng. project leader Oscar Adriani).

J&S designs, engineers and manufactures asystem mixes oxygen-poor (SMO) to simulate lipossia pilots at high altitudes, and this device currently in use at the Department of Aerospace Medicine CSV Pratica di Mare, Rome. (Eng. project leaderOscar Adriani).

Also in 2012, the J&S designs, engineers and produces the “D-LOG2”, a recorder of mixing parameters and oxygen consumption of the pilots during the different flight situations. This apparatus is currently used by the Aerospace Medicine department CSV in Pratica di Mare, Roma (Eng. project leader Oscar Adriani).

Having these machines at a cost that not all European aviation are willing to tackle exist between the various aviation pilots exchange programs for training and training on the equipment. In fact, the Flight Test Centre of the sea and considered a great technological point of reference for training general, having a diverse and incisive on quality training and assessment systems fisiologici, the pilot.

A good training and essential for several reasons. One of them is that the formation of a pilot is very expensive and if you were to injure the pilot, for example, implementing a launch of its seat from the plane, without adequate preparation in this situation (Ejection Seat trainer), you may receive damage that would impede the flight for the rest of his life in the most fortunate cases, or long periods of hospitalization in which he would be unable to perform his duties as a pilot, also causing a financial loss due to a lack of operability of its costly training.